Does Travel Insurance Cover Frequent Flyer Miles?

frequent flyer miles2

Often, many credit card companies offer perks in the form of frequent flyer miles or travel points. Free travel just for using your credit card is a beautiful thing that you should take advantage of if you can. If your credit card doesn’t give perks and you’re looking for one that does, check out your best options here to help you get started. That said, there are a few things every traveler booking with points should know when it comes to purchasing travel insurance.

Travel Insurance Doesn’t Cover Points or Miles

To start, if you have to nix a flight you booked with rewards or frequent flyer miles, you might be able to get your points back—but not through your travel insurance company. Your travel insurance coverage very likely won’t extend to non-cash purchases, even if you’re cancelling your ticket for a covered reason. You’ll have to go through your airline or credit card company to request that a redeposit of your balance, so be sure to check out their policy before you book.

Redepositing Your Miles or Points

Some travel insurance providers offer a specific type of benefit called “Reimbursement of Miles or Rewards Points”. This is usually a set benefit that will cover the fee your credit card company will charge you for putting points or miles back into your account. That way, you can get your points put back into your account without a loss.

The best way to be sure that you get the right policy for your trip at the right cost is to talk to a pro. It’s easier than ever, especially when you go through a travel insurance comparison site that allow you to talk to an actual person who knows about an array of companies, not just one. It’s like talking to a modern day travel agent (but for insurance!) for free.